About us

Cornwall has so many beautiful gardens; from moorland to seaside, the unique climate of the county has helped shape a rich horticultural past. Many Cornish gardens contain rare and interesting species sourced from far-flung countries, and it is thanks to the vision, creativity and determination of several generations of gardeners that we have so many beautiful gardens to see today.

The rich history of many Cornish gardens would be at serious risk if not for the county’s dedicated professional horticulturists; these professionals work in all weathers to make Cornwall the horticulturally important county it is today.

In 2003 Sir Richard Carew Pole invited Head Gardeners to meet at Antony House on the first of what was to become the ‘Head Gardeners Days’, the idea being to get Head Gardeners of large and small estates to interact with each other, and to foster cooperation and friendship. Over the years these events have been a highlight for Head Gardeners across the county, but more recently the number of training days and events has increased and this small group has expanded to invite, and encourage, membership from a wider and more diverse group of horticulturists. Now, as the Cornwall Professional Gardeners Group, we meet several times a year to study specific topics and visit gardens across the county, sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

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Members learning about Camellias from Gary Long at Trewithen

This group would not be possible without the ongoing support of the Cornwall Garden Society, thanks to whom we are able to continue to share knowledge and foster improved relationships between gardens, both private and public, across the county. Thanks to the CGS the Cornwall Professional Gardeners Group goes from strength to strength.

So you’re a horticultural professional and would like to join us?

Brilliant! The Cornwall Professional Gardeners Group is open to anyone who is professionally involved in horticulture within Cornwall, or who can join our meetings in Cornwall; we regret that we are unable to welcome non-professionals to the group.

You might work in an estate garden or you might be an independent horticultural contractor looking after several gardens; either way we’d be delighted to welcome you. We are also open to those employed in the production and/or sale of plants.

Just visit our ‘contact’ page and get in touch. Please note that we will ask you to prove that you are a horticultural professional, so don’t be offended when we ask!